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Spring 2016 e-Letter

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Statewide 2016 ID&R Training Materials - On April 19-20, 2016, the ID&R Office conducted a statewide ID&R training at the Florida Mall Hotel in Orlando, FL. Over 140 participants attended the training and topics included: ID&R and eligibility, services for OSY, COE & OSY Profile Completion, HEP/CAMP overview and other. The training materials are now available in the FL Recruiter website - click the
2016 ID&R Statewide Training Event - Recap webpage to see session materials that are available.

Hotline Promotional Materials - As the end of the school year approaches, many migrant families start making preparations for their travels in search of agricultural and fishing work. Now is the perfect opportunity to disseminate information regarding the Migrant Education Hotline. The Hotline (800-234-8848) is a free resource that can assist migrant families by finding local schools and other services as they travel to other districts and states. To obtain free promotional materials, please use the request form on the National Migrant Education Hotline webpage.

Rolling Re-interviews - Please conduct rolling re-interviews of randomly selected families and submit the results of the re-interviews (re-interview reporting form) to the ID&R Office. Re-interviews should be completed when families and youth are still in the area. For information or guidance regarding the re-interview process please contact the ID&R office. The deadline to submit re-interview reporting forms to our office is October 1.

Updating ID&R Documents - The ID&R Office is responsible for updating the different documents maintained by the office. At this time, the ID&R Office is in the process of updating the following documents for the 2016-17 school year - the ID&R Manual, the Certificate of Eligibility, the OSY Profile, and the Re-interview Form. While initial feedback was collected during the ID&R training, there is still time to submit additional feedback and suggestions. For more information or to submit feedback to the documents please contact the ID&R Office.

Qualifying Activities Chart - The ID&R Office also maintains a list of qualifying activities by district. To see the most recent list, please click here
Qualifying Activities Chart - Revised October 2015. Districts are encouraged to review and submit updates to the chart on an annual basis. The deadline for submission is September 30. Please contact Ms. Margot Di Salvo via email ( for any questions you may have regarding the charts.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or by calling 866-963-6677.
Have a Happy Summer!

ID&R Office

posted - 7/31/16

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