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Training and Guidance from the ID&R Office

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Resource materials are current as of April 30, 2019. If you are unable to locate a particular resource file, please contact our office.


The ID&R Office has developed training webinars on topics that are relevant for recruiters, data entry specialists, and/or COE reviewers. Below are links to each webinar and supporting materials.

Remember to email the ID&R Office the name(s) and title(s) of your district MEP staff that complete each training in order to confirm attendance.

Changes to the 2019-2020 Certificate of Eligibility (PowerPoint presentation in YouTube) - June 2019

Recruiter Safety: Tips to Stay Safe in the Field (PowerPoint presentation in YouTube) - April 2019

Completing Annual Recertifications & Conducting Rolling Re-Interviews (PowerPoint presentation in YouTube) - January 2019

Uitilizing the H-2A Job Order List (PowerPoint presentation in YouTube) - October 2018

Eligibility under ESSA, COE Completion, and COE Review (PowerPoint presentation in YouTube) - August 2018

Rolling Re-interviews (PowerPoint presentation in YouTube) - April 2018
It is recommended that you make copies of the re-interview documents (protocol, re-interview form, and re-interview reporting form) with you during this training.

ID&R -

Materials focused on procedures that deal with locating and contacting a family or youth in order to ascertain a child’s eligibility for the MEP.

Re-Interview -

Materials focused on the process that validates eligibility determinations. The results of a re-interview process identify procedures in ID&R that may need improvement.

Qualifying Activity -

Chart that identifies qualifying activities for each district in Florida.

e-TA - Technical assistance materials on important ID&R related topics.

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