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December 2009 Newsletter

Holiday Greetings!

Bringing to close an eventful year...

Hi there,
Reflecting back, this has been quite a year for the migrant education program. The Spring ID&R Regional Training Events were well attended; and, after much anticipation, we began using the National COE this summer.
This year we had some individuals who moved on to better things, on their own terms, and we miss them greatly. In particular, there were two individuals that exemplified all that is good about the migrant program – Carolyn Mathews and Earl Wiggins. Both have left a lasting impression on us all and we look forward to continuing to benefit from their wisdom.
The ID&R Office would like to thank all of you for your cooperation in providing copies of your COEs. Having access to this critical data will assist us tremendously with future training events. In order to move forward with the project, we have added a Data Clerk to the ID&R Office. We are happy to welcome Ms. Anna Velez to our group.
Next year, our collective work for the well-being of migrant children will be enhanced with new and innovative ideas, as well as the continuation of the services that we have effectively provided to all the MEP community. Some of these initiative will include: increased recruitment efforts toward all children, particularly out-of-school youth; coordination with agencies that provide services to our children and families such as HEP/CAMP and the Adult Migrant Program; and ongoing, systematic training and professional development tools to the staff, such as an updated ID&R manual, quality control/re-interview efforts, and on-site training to all the recruitment staff. Also, keep an eye on the website for continuous updates and information.
Lastly, each of us would like to wish each of you a very happy and peaceful holiday season. 2010 is sure to be another exciting year for the Florida Migrant Education Program.
Best wishes,
Ray, Jorge, Margot & Anna

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