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January 2010 Newsletter

In this issue:

  1. Current Weather Conditions and Securing 3rd Party Documentation
  2. COE Completion - Current vs. Legal Parents
  3. Reminder - Submit COEs to the ID&R Office
  4. New Office Address
  5. Ongoing ID&R Visits and Training Efforts

1. Current Weather Conditions and Securing 3rd Party Documentation.

January 2010 has started with very cold weather throughout most of the state. As you know, changes in weather have a direct effect on the potential number of migrant children we will see coming through our state. Unfavorable weather will influence when crops are harvested, if they are at all.

This is the perfect opportunity for districts and staff to seek and secure 3rd party documentation on how the weather will affect harvests, employment and, eventually, the migration patterns of our families. Included in the newsletter are two "weather updates" from the United Stated Department of Agriculture. These updates are provided weekly and are an example of documentation on weather conditions affecting agriculture prepared by an agency independent from the Department of Education.

While this information is good, local districts should also keep an eye for information from newscasts and print media discussing the effects of the weather in their community. Such information will assist the local MEP in corroborating and validating a family's or OSY's claim that they sought job but were unable to obtain because the weather affected the local harvest.


2. COE Completion - Current vs. Legal Parents

A couple of questions have been received regarding the completion of the COE, particularly for Section I, item 1 - Male and Female parent/guardian; and item 2 - Legal Male and Female parent/guardian.

Per the instructions, Section I, item 1, should include the name(s) of the individual(s) the child(ren) is(are) currently traveling with (parent, guardian). Recruiters should write the name of the male and/or female parent or guardian with whom the child(ren) is(are) traveling. (Please see note below for Out Of School Youth - OSY).

In Section I, item 2, the recruiter should enter the names of the legal parent and mother, if available. When the information for #2 is the same, recruiters should enter "same" in #2 (legal parent).

Last year's COE had the legal parent as item 1 and the current as item 2; however, this had to be changed in order to match the state's COE with the national regulations. This seems to be the reason for the misinterpretation among recruiters and staff.

Regarding OSY, if they are traveling with their parents or a guardian, follow the same procedures as with any other child under the same circumstances - write the current parent/guardian in Section I, item 1.

However, when the OSY is traveling on his/her own, new OME guidance is instructing to enter the OSY's name as the "current parent guardian (Section I, item 1). Please notice that the name of the OSY, therefore, will be entered three times when traveling on their own; Section I, item 1, Section II (Child Data), and Section III, item 2b ("The worker, ___________, is the child...").

The ID&R office will review the COE instructions, secure OME guidance, and will send this information to districts as soon as possible.


3. Reminder - Submit COEs to the ID&R Office.

The ID&R office wants to remind districts that completed Certificates of Eligibility must be submitted monthly. To date over 6,000 completed COEs from almost every district in the state have been received. Please remember that the COEs must have been through the district's local quality control efforts and must have been reviewed and signed by the local program coordinator or designee.

The office also has COEs available for distribution to districts. Please contact the ID&R office to request additional forms when needed.


4. New Office Address.

The ID&R Office has moved one floor up from our previous location - from Suite 107 to Suite 201. When sending correspondence to the office, please make sure the correct address is utilized:

ID&R Office
3750 Gunn Highway, Suite 201
Tampa, FL 33618

The telephone, fax, email address and web address are the same.


5. Ongoing ID&R Visits and Training Efforts.

Staff from the ID&R office is always available to participate and assist districts in local ID&R efforts. As the new year begins, there have been a number of requests already that staff will be contacting district personnel to confirm and finalize.

However, the staff still has time available to conduct efforts throughout the state, provided enough notice is given. Please contact the office to request the office's participation at your next ID&R effort or training event.

As usual, telephone and email consultation is always available.


The ID&R Office looks forward to 2010. Please contact the office with any questions or concerns.


The information provided in the FL Recruiter is only applicable to individuals employed through the Florida Migrant Education Program. The Florida MEP is not responsible for the misuse of information provided in this correspondence.



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