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December 2010 Newsletter

In this issue:

  1. Local Re-Interview Efforts
  2. Resources from the Field - Collier County Presentation on To Join Moves
  3. Cold Weather Implications for MEP
  4. ID&R Activities and Visits for 2011

1. Local Re-Interview Efforts

Many districts have contacted our office to share their findings from re-interviews conducted locally. Districts have used the state developed re-interview forms, instructions, and protocols to draw a sample, train re-interviewers, etc. If your district is conducting re-interviews, please make sure that the appropriate forms are being used. Districts should also share with the ID&R Office key information, such as; the number of re-interviews conducted, re-interview findings and corrective actions, if any, being implemented to address any situations resulting from incorrect eligibility determinations. The ID&R Office does not want the names of the children re-interviewed, but only of those who are determined not eligible. In addition, districts should submit their findings to our office. If you have any questions please contact the ID&R Office.


2. Resources from the Field - Collier County's Presentation on To Join Moves

We are pleased to share a PowerPoint prepared by the Collier County MEP staff regarding "to join" moves. To join moves are those where the child or the worker do not travel at the same time in order to seek or obtain qualifying work. We want to thank the Collier County staff, particularly Ms. Maricela Pineda and Ms. Jenny Cruz, for sharing this file.


3. Cold Weather Implications for the MEP

With the arrival of the cold weather, please be on the lookout for information and credible documentation that will assist recruitment efforts, such as newspaper articles or newscasts that show how the unusual weather affects the local crops. As you know, these unusual weather extremes affect the state's harvesting and production of crops, as well as the families who work on these jobs. Last year, we all witnessed how families were adversely affected by the lack of employment, depending on community agencies for basic resources or having to leave earlier in search for work elsewhere. Districts willing to share information on resources available may the ID&R Office, and we will make sure the information is included on the fl recruiter web site for others to benefit.


4. ID&R Activities and Visits for 2011

As part of the ongoing efforts, the ID&R Office wants to ensure that recruiters receive training to assure the proper and timely identification of migrant children. To that effect, the ID&R Office staff is always available to conduct recruitment and eligibility training, as well as to participate in ID&R activities. Please contact the office to make a request.


On a final note, the ID&R Office wishes the state's Migrant Education Community a
Happy & Peaceful Holiday Season!

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