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January 2013 Newsletter

In this issue of the FL Recruiter

  1. Re-Interview Update
  2. Qualifying Activities Chart
  3. OSY Materials available from the ID&R Office
  4. Targeted Training for Serving OSY Population
  5. Contributions to Recruiter Website


Happy New Year! We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season. Along with all of you, we look forward to a successful year for the migrant education program. To kick things off, let’s discuss…

1. Re-Interview Update

The ID&R Office wants to extend thanks to all the districts that participated in the external re-interview initiative. Initial reports from the contracted re-interviewer, JBS, indicate all the local MEPs are doing an excellent job of identifying and recruiting qualified migrant students and youth.

We are now in the process of gathering information to clarify a very small number of cases where the external re-interviewer needed additional data in order to make a determination. The ID&R Office has been contacting the districts affected, and staff may be asked to contact families or seek additional information. More information regarding the outcomes will be provided at a later date.


2. Qualifying Activities Chart

In the coming weeks, we will be sending requests to each district to review the information on the Qualifying Activities Chart (QA Chart). This chart serves as an important interstate collaboration tool. Here is just one example:

You are a recruiter Richmond, GA and you interview a family that has recently traveled to your district. Unfortunately, this recent move to your district is not a qualifying move. Therefore, you proceed to inquire about any previous qualifying moves the worker and the children may have made. The family shares that this past July they moved to Florida to plant snap peas. Specifically, they traveled to Manatee County. Since you are not from Florida, you refer to the QA Chart ( to determine if this information can be verified. According to the chart, you can confirm that snap peas are planted during the month of July in Manatee County.

While it is understood that dates change and families’ decisions to move may be affected by a number of factors, it is extremely important that the information included in the charts is as accurate as possible. Everyone’s assistance on this matter is greatly appreciated.


3. OSY Materials Available from the ID&R Office

We are excited to announce a new series of OSY mini lessons are now available in English and Spanish. The series focuses on legal lessons. The titles are:

  • My Basic Rights / Mis Derechos Básicos
  • Housing Rights / Derechos de Vivienda
  • Right to Be Paid / El Derecho a Ser Pagado

Remember, we have additional educational materials developed by the Strategies, Opportunities, Sevices for Out-of-School Youth (SOSOSY) consortium available at the ID&R Office. Visit our webpage for a complete list of materials, and contact the ID&R Office if you wish for these materials to be sent to your program.


4. Targeted Training for Serving OSY Population

The ID&R Office is pleased to announce our staff is equipped to present training modules specifically geared to the OSY population. Developed by the SOSOSY consortium, the modules offer training on the following topics:

  • Field-based ID&R for OSY
  • Cultural Competency & Professionalism
  • Establishing Positive Networks & Advocating for OSY
  • Gathering Data for the OSY Profile
  • OSY Consortium Materials
  • Designing & Following Educational & Life Pathways

Contact our office if you are interested in scheduling training on one or multiple modules.


5. Contributions to Recruiter Website

The FL Recruiter Website was developed to assist in disseminating information regarding ID&R and serve as a repository of training tools. The site also provides a vehicle for districts to showcase the efforts and great strides being made to serve the migrant community. We recently posted an article about a migrant family event submitted by the fine folks at the Hillsborough MEP ( Here is what they had to say – “Our hearts are full of gratitude because, thanks to superb teamwork, we were able to truly enrich our migrant families.”

Now we want to hear from your district. Let us know what’s happening in your program. Remember we can also help promote future activities via the Event Calendar.

Reminder –

Please send the COEs (and OSY profile forms, if any) to:

ID&R Office
3750 Gunn Highway, Suite 201
Tampa, FL 33618
Attn: Anna Velez Negrón

Thanks for reading this issue of FL Recruiter Quarterly. The next issue comes out in the spring.

If you have questions about these or any other issues, please contact the ID&R Office at 866.963.6677 or via email at

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