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May 2007 Newsletter

In this issue:

  1. District Visits by the ID&R Office
  2. Proposed Rule Making Notice by OME
  3. Quality Control Efforts in Florida
  4. Code of Ethics and ID&R Manual
  5. Question of the Month


1. District Visits by the ID&R Office

Staff from the ID&R Office are currently planning visits during the summer to various districts throughout the state. The primary goals of the visits are:

  • meet as many recruiters/advocates as possible to become familiar with their ID&R duties within the district;
  • shadow recruiters as they visit families;
  • become familiar with Florida counties, local agricultural and fishing activities;
  • observe ID&R Best Practices already in place at many local Migrant Programs.

Please contact our office if your district is sponsoring any recruitment activities that could serve as a learning experience. Jorge has already scheduled a number of visits and is looking forward to meeting as many recruiters as possible.


2. Proposed Rule Making Notice by OME

As you may be aware, the Office of Migrant Education (OME) recently disseminated a "notice of proposed rule making" (NPRM) throughout the migrant education community. Through the NPRM, the Office of Migrant Education is proposing a number of changes to the migrant program, mostly in the area of program definitions and implementation. Some of the changes include:

  • a number of changes and additions to the program definitions of the regulations governing child eligibility;
  • a change requesting the inclusion of measurable outcomes as part of the state's comprehensive needs assessment and service delivery plan;
  • an adjustment to the MEP Base State Grant allocations to reflect the defect rate reported by the states through their re-interview process;
  • a number of specific requirements to strengthen the procedures used by the state in determining child eligibility, including (but not limited to):
    • prospective re-interviews
    • national COE
    • minimum quality control procedures.

In addition, OME has presented a document with their estimates regarding the "data collection burden" for the different proposed activities - for instance, how many hours will it take to re-interview 100 families, how many hours will it take to "thoroughly document and corroborate" a child's eligibility, etc. We are currently reviewing these estimates, and will be contacting key districts to elicit their thoughts on such projections. Here is the important part. The Department of Education and OME are asking for comments to be submitted by June 18, 2007. We would like to encourage you to review the NPRM and to submit comments. This is an excellent opportunity to express your views regarding the proposed regulations by the OME. At the very least, you can review the proposed changes and get familiar with OME's "thinking process." Please remember, these are "proposed regulations" and are not set in stone yet. If you have any questions, or want to discuss the regulations, please contact our office and we will gladly talk with you regarding the effect these regulations may have on the state.


3. Quality Control Efforts in Florida

As we discussed during the regional training events held in April, the ID&R Office would like to enhance our state's efforts in the area of quality control. There are a number of districts already conducting some form of re-interview process and/or data corroboration to document a child's eligibility in the program. Through the district visits and telephone calls, and using the results of the self assessment completed during the April regional training, the ID&R office will be preparing a number of minimum requirements for quality control in the state. The emphasis for this could not be more timely and appropriate, since OME is looking to increase such efforts nationwide. If your district is currently conducting re-interview efforts, or you are planning to, please contact our office and let us know what you are doing. We also would like to review the different forms the districts are using, if any, to document or corroborate child eligibility. If you have any questions, please contact our office.


4. Code of Ethics and ID&R Manual

We are still looking for comments and suggestions to the Code of Ethics and the ID&R Manual. The last day to submit comments for the code of ethics is June 15, 2007. The final version of the Code will be disseminated in the next issue of the FL Recruiter. We have received many suggestions for the ID&R Manual. Also, various individuals have volunteered to assist our office in reviewing the manual. If you are interested, please contact our office (contact information enclosed below). It is anticipated that the final version of ID&R Manual will be disseminated by the end of summer.


5. Question of the Month

This month, the questions are taken directly from the OME Non-Regulatory Guidance. Our office has received many questions regarding moves back and forth from Mexico.

Is a move to the United States from Mexico or Canada considered differently than a move within the United States?

No. A move from Mexico or Canada to a school district in the U.S. is considered the same as a move from one school district to another within the U.S. The reason for this is that there is historical pattern of migration from Mexico and Canada to the U.S. to perform temporary or seasonal work in agriculture.

May a move from a school district in the United States to a school district in Mexico or Canada qualify?

No. Such a move does not qualify because it is not a move to a school district within the United States. The MEP is meant to benefit families who perform qualifying work in the United States. Therefore, moves to Mexico or Canada to engage in temporary or seasonal employment in agricultural or fishing activities do not qualify.

(OME Non Regulatory Guidance, October 2003)


Upcoming Events

  • June 19-21, 2007 - DOE Database Workshop, Orlando, Florida
  • September 2007 - Florida Migrant Education Conference, Location To Be Announced

Florida ID&R Office 10006 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. Suite 102, Tampa, FL 33618 866.963.6677


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