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May 2009 Newsletter

In this issue of the FL Recruiter

  1. Regional ID&R Training - Summary & Review
  2. New COE Update
  3. District ID&R Activities During the Summer
  4. Wanted: Experienced Re-Interviewers
  5. Job Announcement - Recruiter Position in Georgia


1. Regional ID&R Training - Summary & Review

As you may be aware, the ID&R office conducted 5 regional training events throughout the state this spring. We want to thank every organization and district that assisted us in hosting and planning the sessions. We also want to thank the staff from the Florida Migrant Interstate Program and the Portable Assisted Study Sequence (PASS) for sharing valuable information with attendees.

Overall, participants felt that the regional events were positive and informative, with ample opportunity to ask questions regarding recent changes to the migrant education program, particularly to issues related to eligibility and ID&R. In addition, attendees were able to review key elements and components of the new Certificate of Eligibility (COE).


2. New COE Update

The Office of Migrant Education has officially released a National Certificate of Eligibility including instructions to key components and required sections. States, however, have the flexibility of using their own COE, as long as the required elements and sections are included in the COE. Everyone who attended a regional training received information on the requirements as well as an overview of the instructions on how to complete the form.

The ID&R office is currently incorporating the latest changes to the COE, including OME's requirements. We anticipate that this form will be in the hands of the recruiters by July 1, 2009.

Please contact our office with any questions or concerns on this matter at


3. District ID&R Activities During the Summer

As indicated during the regional trainings, staff from the ID&R office is available to attend district ID&R activities from time to time. We find these both informative and instructional, and welcome the chance to participate if the opportunity and timing are right. Please contact our office to inform us of any such activities you are planning for the summer.


4. Wanted: Experienced Recruiters

ESCORT is seeking experienced recruiters who may be available to conduct re-interviews in other states during the coming months of summer and early fall. Salary and travel reimbursements will be provided. Please note that out-of-state travel is required. For more information, contact Ray Melecio at


5. Job Announcement - Recruiter Position in Georgia No Longer Open


Thanks for reading this issue of the FL Recruiter.

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