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September 2009 Newsletter


1. Technical Assistance for the Proper Completion of the 2009-2010 COE

The 2009-2010 COE was delivered to districts around the first week of August, prior to the start of school. The 2009 COE reflects the changes and new regulations implemented by the Office of Migrant Education (OME). Training on the use of this form was provided to districts during the 2009 Spring Regional Training events.

To provide further assistance to districts and migrant staff, a presentation and a handout highlighting the key changes to the form are attached. Migrant staff, particularly those responsible for the identification and recruitment of migrant children and youth, should carefully review this information.

Many questions have been submitted to the ID&R office. Some have been easily answered and other pending questions are waiting on a response from the Office of Migrant Education. These questions will be part of a "frequently asked questions" document that will be shared at a later time.


2. Quality Control Tools for COE

As a key component of the FL Migrant Education Program, quality control measures should be taken to ensure the proper and timely identification and recruitment of children and youth. This is particularly important this year with the implementation of a new COE. In order to assist districts and recruitment staff, attached are two quality control tools - "COE checklist" and "When to Write Comments." These documents have been reviewed and updated to reflect the changes in the 2009 COE.

The COE Checklist can be used by staff to self-evaluate their completion of the form. It can also be used by staff responsible for reviewing COEs for quality control purposes. The checklist is extremely useful for new or recently hired staff.

The "When to Write Comments" flier provides guidance for staff on the times when a comment is required. The 2009 COE has plenty of space for comments, and staff should always review their forms to ensure that all necessary information is included. The comment should adequately document how a recruiter arrived to an eligibility determination.

  • When to Write a Comment on the COE No longer in use.


3. Identifying and Recruiting Out-of-School Youth

As indicated during the regional trainings, the number of out-of-school youth (OSY) in Florida has increased in the last few years. OSY are defined as:

"Here-to-Work" - non-attending youth who most likely attended school outside of the US (if at all) and have limited English skills. These youth are mostly interested in working, but could be attracted to opportunities to learn English. Some may be enrolled in a school setting and able to complete a GED. "Here-to-work" youth usually live with other youths or with a crew in a camp, or by themselves.

"Recovery Youth" - non-attending youth who attended school in US but dropped-out (credits not accrued or not transferred, needed to work/money). These youth may only be a few credits away from finishing high school, or may only need a little assistance and encouragement to return to a school setting. "Recovery Youth" is more proficient in English and is likely to live with his parents, but may also live on their own.

As part of a consortium of states working to provide adequate services to OSY, staff from the FL MEP has access to, a site with useful instructional materials designed for this population. The resources include lessons on finances, citizenship, health, English, and surviving skills.

Please review the materials on this website and let the ID&R office know which, if any, are useful and valuable. The FL MEP is currently exploring ways to increase services to OSY, and your assistance in identifying the proper resources is greatly appreciated.


4. NEW! Calendar of Events available on our website

The Florida recruiter's website has a new feature - a calendar of events. This can be used as a way to keep districts informed on ID&R-related activities taking place in the state. For instructions on what and how to submit an activity click here: New Calendar of Events. Having a back to school recruitment effort? Providing training to home school advocates on the latest eligibility issues? Conducting recruitment of out-of-school youth within the community? Add these and other migrant education related events to the calendar (the ID&R office reserves the right to edit or delete information to be posted).


Thanks for reading this issue of the FL Recruiter. Here's to a successful and exciting new school year!

If you have questions about these or any other issues, please contact the ID&R Office at 866.963.6677 or via email at

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